Pete (pjc50) wrote,

Good day out

Today's bit of Cambridge we'd never got round to visiting: the Scott Polar Research Institute. Compact, clear, and moving exhibition about the heroic age of polar exploration and "the worst journey in the world". Quite a few Inuit artefacts there too.

A few weeks ago we'd done the Anthropology museum, which was also from the pith helmet era. Striking huge totem pole in the middle of the first floor; slightly awkward and apologetic feeling about the whole place and the spears-and-funny-hats collection.

Lunch at a little newish Chinese place, North China Dumpling. Does precicely what it says on the tin: £5 gets you 12 very tasty meat dumplings. Bit slippery with the chopsticks. I'm a great fan of uncomplicated cheap dining; we'd recently been to the Pint Shop, which is something of a high watermark of posh pub dining. The pork belly was delicious; wide selection of expensive beers. Hipsterish.

One week left of work, and two and a half weeks to moving. It's an odd feeling, to be leaving a job with nothing wrong with it. I've ejected from a disorganised employer, been made redundant, quit after a decade when taken over by Cadence, and now I'm moving on by choice. The new job is more pragmatic than idealist, so we'll have to see how that goes.

Most of the books are now in boxes. Still a lot of things to pack...
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