Pete (pjc50) wrote,

The National

Further to that, we have a new paper up here. Yes, someone launched a daily printed physical newspaper in 2014. It has a frustratingly google-resistant name, the online section is subscriber-only and is some horrible PDFoid thing that's basically unreadable and certainly cannot be linked to. But it's pro-SNP and, unlike almost all the rest of the press, not very prone to fearmongering.

I'm still trying to work out what to make of it, while reading paper copies intermittently at lunch. It's closer to the Independent than the Guardian. They had a piece on Leon Brittan's death that I felt was a carefully written masterclass in libel avoidance; every statement hedged with sources, but the whole quite damning. In some ways it's an odd experience reading a newspaper that contains only reasonable things that I agree with. It lacks outrage fuel. While it's nominally leftwing I've also not noticed significant levels of knit-your-own-quinoa articles, language callouts, privilege checking, and other sorts of Guardian clickbait. Probably the lack of a comments section helps with that. It seems content to follow the news rather than trying to lead or drive it. I can't imagine how that will last; if it remains popular enough to stay in print it will be influential enough to be tempted to run a Campaign. Or someone will start using it as a vector for internal SNP politicking. We'll just have to see.
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